Sixth Partner Meeting


The sixth partner meeting was hosted by English Unlimited in Gdańsk, Poland. During the three-day meeting the partners were able to finalize the teaching materials for the different languages including new dynamic exercises like matching, filling the gaps and word reordering.


iPortal newsletter - december 2015

The project team at the 6th partner meeting


The partners evaluated the iPortal island in Second Life and in cooperation with the developer decided to use more imagery in different locations as well as audio files in the partner languages to welcome peo-ple on the island.

The UK partner EdEUcation showed the partners videos of exemplar dialogues using different locations on the iPortal island in Second life. They also pre-sented the text and video tutorials, which are now integrated into the platform.

The last day of the meeting was devoted to the exploi-tation and marketing of iPortal as well as management issues and the final reporting at the end of the year.


“iPortal is interactive and allows multiple people to work together”

Feedback from participants after the training/ testing


We were very grateful to our Polish partner, for the excellent organization of the meeting.

An important observation from the evaluation is the fact, that most of the teachers don’t have any or just little experience with online teaching platforms. There-fore, the participants appreciated to get an insight into online language teaching and the variety of possibili-ties through the iPortal. Especially the possibility to combine synchronous and asynchronous learning with the platform was rated very well.

Many participants are committed to use the iPortal for downloading and uploading of teaching materials, to support lessons to formal groups or to use it for pri-vate online lessons.





After the training sessions testing workshops were organised by all the project partners across the six countries of the partnership. These testing sessions were conducted in various settings and with different target groups in order to cover the broadest possible range of language learners assessing the suitability of iPortal as a tool for language learning.




Across the partnership we have targeted a wide range of participants – primary and secondary school pupils, university students, young participants in EU mobility projects and lifelong learning adults.

Overall the reaction of the students to the lessons delivered using iPortal was very positive and partici-pants stressed that it is easy to use. They appreciated the innovative approach and liked the rich functions of the three strands – iPortal, Virtual Classroom, Second Life. They especially enjoyed the interactivity of the whiteboard in the Virtual Classroom and the combina-tion of playing and learning on the iPortal island in Second Life.





All partners organised training workshops to familiar-ize language teachers with the various functions of iPortal. Across the partnership in total 166 teachers teaching at schools, universities, vocational and train-ing centres, adult education facilities or as freelancers were trained during face-to-face workshops. In addi-tion online training sessions took place. The teachers got an introduction to the platform itself as well as the Virtual Classroom and the iPortal island in Second Life and were also able to test all these functions for themselves during the training.


“The platform is very rich in functions, there are various tabs, tools, exercises”

Feedback from participants after the training/ testing


The majority of teachers were language teachers covering the six partner languages as well as French, Swedish and Russian. In general the feedback from the participants in the workshops was very positive.







Over the three years of the project duration a wide range of dissemination activities took place, including presentations and meetings at universities, schools, language centres, learning associations and National Agencies. In addition the iPortal project was dissemi-nated online through the Facebook page and the project website. Following an online marketing cam-paign the website has been visited by over 35.000 people.




Through the dissemination activities target groups like trainees, students interested in modern methods of teaching, disabled people, undergraduates, language teachers, VETPROs, decision makers working in the field of education, migrant authorities, publishers and press representatives were reached.

All dissemination activities are summarized in the final dissemination report.



“iPortal is accessible from anywhere and anytime”

Feedback from participants after the training/ testing



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